Government Spending

I believe in realistic expectations, elimination of inefficiencies, and conservative budgeting.  We are spending too much, and not utilizing our churches, charities, and community organizations effectively to provide services they are in unique positions to provide.


It is right for each citizen to contribute to an efficient government that focuses its resources on its constitutional duties.  Excessive government should not be imposed upon its citizens’ wallets or bank accounts.


I am pro life.


Public education spending needs to be directed to reach children in the classroom and to maintain and upgrade facilities.  Rural schools provide a sense of small community pride and offer a small school choice to parents whose children do better in that setting.  Private education and home schools need to be encouraged and allowed to thrive.  Montana’s public education system is one of the best in the country and will be made better when parents have options to consider for their children’s best interests.

Gun Control


Energy & Natural Resources

Natural resources can and must be used wisely and protected wisely.  Use and protection do not exclude each other.  Responsible companies should be invited to explore and do business in Montana without prohibitive policies stifling incentives to do so.  We are to be good stewards of God’s creation.    All efforts must be made to prevent environmental damage by all users, but if an accident or other damage occurs, the one responsible must be required to clean up his mess.  We must also look to the future.  What we have won’t last forever.  We must consider alternative sources, including nuclear, hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, and whatever else hasn’t yet been dreamed up.