Who I am

My name is Kris Hansen. I’m the state representative for Montana House District 33, representing most of Havre and western Hill County.  In 2014, I am running for Senate District 14 which covers Hill, Chouteau, Liberty, and part of Cascade counties.  

Why vote for me

The 2011 and 2013 Legislative Sessions were enlightening and intense.  Difficult issues were presented to me for consideration and vote.  I spent many hours reading bills, researching background on them, discussing pros and cons with proponents and opponents, and communicating with knowledgeable constituents back home.  I did my best to cast my vote for the best interests of District 33 and Montana.  As your Representative, I listened to your concerns and  advocated for them.   Though I did not agree with every person I spoke to on every issue, I always listened with respect and tried to follow-up to ensure I was not mistaken or misinformed on any topic.  In 2014-2015, I will continue to listen to your ideas, and see that they get voiced and vetted in Helena.   I will present good legislation, defend against bad legislation, and vote for sound bills.  I will work hard.

What’s at stake

Like the past two sessions, the State of Montana is going to have to make hard economic choices in the 2015 session.  Realistic expectations and conservative budgeting will be necessary to keep Montana from lagging behind when opportunities for recovery present themselves.  Montana’s resources – human, industrial, technological, natural, agricultural – all must be allowed freedom to grow.  Many proposals to open up natural resource development were blocked last session by the Governor’s veto pen.  Many proposals to roll back Obamacare and lower health care costs for everyone were also stopped at the Governor’s desk.   Because of that, Montana is now two years behind where we would have been if those proposals had succeeded.  We cannot afford any further delay in making Montana friendly to growth, industry, and entrepreneurial innovation.

Where to reach me

I want your insights and input in order to fully understand what is truly important to you in 2014-2015.  I cannot listen if I don’t hear from you.  I hope this web site will provide a good introduction to me and my campaign.      Please contact me.  All of my contact information is under the “Contact” tab above.   I would be happy to speak with you, answer your emails, or meet you for lunch.